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  • IAE Equestrian Stabling
  • IAE Equestrian Stabling
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IAE Equestrian Stabling

Product IAEMoorlandStablingF093 2002 11
IAE Agricultural & Equestrian  

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  • Stable fronts are available with bottom swing door only, anti -weave sliding door or full height anti- weave swing door in sizes of
    2970mm post centres (10ft approx) 3570mm post centres, (12ft approx) 4170mm post centres (14ft approx)
    Stables are supplied in kit form and require assembly on site.
    Universal any hand swing doors. Factory supplied left hand, bolt on fittings allow for easy conversion to right hand.
    Stable partitions available with grille top, fully boarded or talke grille.
    In sizes 2970mm post centres (10ft approx)3570mm post centres, (12ft approx) 4170mm post centres (14ft approx)
    34mm thick tongue and groove boards are available in either untreated softwood or brown recycled solid plastic.
    If required, the Moorland Stabling can accommodate a fall of up to 50mm across all post centre sizes and not just 3570mm post ctrs (12ft approx.) stable across the front and partition (additional fittings required)

    Please speak to us if you need assistance with the Moorland stabling range or to help you design your layout!

  • For more information on delivery, measurements and more, visit our FAQ page.
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